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We Really Do Mean Business

We Really Do Mean Business

“What type of law do you practice?” It’s one of the most common questions we all receive after we tell someone that we are attorneys, or work for a company called Davis Law Office. The common answer when Davis was the only practicing attorney was “we represent business owners and individuals in all areas of legal needs, except for litigation.” Now that Emily and Joe have joined the firm, our practice areas have expanded a bit, and we now assist clients in some litigation, bankruptcy, estate planning and family law matters. So does this mean we are now a “full service law firm”? Not exactly.

From day one, Davis Law Office has been a business law firm. it’s right in our domain name “Davis Means Business.” Our sweet spot, the customers we feel our strongest connections with, are starting, growing and emerging businesses and their owners, and those are the people we strive to serve. Although we can now offer clients some additional services, our focus will never stray from being a business law firm.

So why do we think that’s important enough for a blog post? Primarily because we haven’t encountered too many other firms like ours. Sure, nearly all law firms list “business law” in their areas of practice, but not many make it the sole area of focus. So why do we, and why do we think it sets us apart? A few reasons:

  1. There Are No Real Rules for Lawyers.  Though there are rules about using words like “specialist” or “expert,” there aren’t too many other hard and fast rules against lawyers saying they practice in this area or that. So we feel the best way to tell people that we really are serious about working with and for business owners is to make them the sole focus of our practice. No long list of practice areas with some things tacked on here and there, just a site, practice and tagline that speaks for us “Davis Means Business.”
  2. Practice Makes Perfect.  It turns out that when you make one area of law your focus, that after a while there aren’t too many surprises. Though every client and issue has some unique qualities, our focus on business issues allows us to take what we learned from one client and apply it to the other. This often saves us quite a bit of time, and our clients money.
  3. Do What You Know (And Love).  The bottom line also is, business owners are the clients we all enjoy working with the most. From Joe’s time working as a translator for business folks prior to law school to Davis’s 6+ years working in a larger corporate practice, most of our collective firm experience is working with and for business owners. It’s what we all want to do, so we’ve made it our sole focus.

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