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DLO has been an essential partner in the growth of UMAi Dry® over the past five years. DLO has provided solid counsel appropriate to the size of our organization as we've transformed from single owner LLC to partnership, added new trademarks and initiated intellectual property negotiations with potential collaborators. In all cases, DLO has been responsive, attentive to detail and well-versed in the expertise we’ve needed.

Thea Lopatka, UMAI Dry®

How We Help

Advise & Consult

Much of our work with clients wouldn’t fall into the category of “what they teach you to do in law school,” and we like it that way.  We don’t simply draft and review documents for clients, we advise them on all aspects of their business and industries. Wondering what type of entity to choose for your latest venture? Thinking about bringing on a business partner but need help with what to discuss? Wondering if a pre or post-nuptial agreement might be right for your family goals? These are decisions we help our clients make every day.

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Execute & Implement

The nice thing about having attorneys as advisors is that we can move into the ‘actual doing’ stage of work rather seamlessly.  After we coordinate with your other advisors to make sure we’ve considered tax and other implications, we have a team of experienced professionals ready to create documents tailored specifically to your needs. Drafting estate planning or adoption documents, reviewing financing paperwork or revising a company’s current services agreement into something more enforceable are all ways in which we put plans into action.

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Enforce & Resolve

As we always tell our clients, for the most part, a contract is just words on paper.  There’s no easy way to force a person into abiding by an agreement they’ve decided no longer fits what they want. However, there are mechanisms short of a lawsuit (or lawsuits if the situation warrants that) which can give one party some leverage to get the other party to an agreement to comply. Having someone who knows how to use these mechanisms is vital in making sure you’re not just throwing good money after bad in your attempts at enforcement of an agreement.

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