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DLO has been an essential partner in the growth of UMAi Dry® over the past five years. DLO has provided solid counsel appropriate to the size of our organization as we've transformed from single owner LLC to partnership, added new trademarks and initiated intellectual property negotiations with potential collaborators. In all cases, DLO has been responsive, attentive to detail and well-versed in the expertise we’ve needed.

Thea Lopatka, UMAI Dry®

Who We Help

Businesses & Non-Profits

It’s not just a tagline, Davis really does mean business. Whether for or nonprofit, we’ve worked with enough businesses through enough issues that while your individual facts may vary, it’s likely we’ve handled an issue similar to what you’re dealing with. This experience allows us to resolve matters you may find completely daunting, often far more quickly than you’d expect.

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Individuals & Families

Individuals and families are the foundation of every business. Without a clear picture of the future, neither businesses nor the people behind them can thrive. Life happens, things can’t always be prevented, but with some simple planning tools, dealing with the unexpected can be much more manageable. Our business experience provides us with important perspective about how to minimize conflict in personal relationships, a vital part of making sure a plan is fully formed.

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Solopreneurs & Start-Ups

From the minute you begin offering a good or service in exchange for payment, you’re running a business. However, we understand and know from experience that solopreneurs and startups are a slightly different breed. Whether it’s a question about when you need to actually become a “real business” or concerns related to a fair method for determining ownership percentages, we are here to tell you when you do need to start working with professionals, and what you may be able to DIY.

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