Fees - Davis Law Office

So what is this going to cost?

Davis Law Office charges affordable hourly rates for our work and always lets clients know what they’ll be paying before the work is done. We also offer flat rates for many common services, a few of which are detailed below. If you do not see what you need, please contact us, as other matters can often be handled via flat fee.

Flat Rates

  • Minnesota Entity Formation (Incorporation, LLC Set-Up): $1250+
  • Delaware Entity Formation (Incorporation, LLC Set-Up): $1500+
  • Business Succession Plan: $1500+
  • Contract Drafting: $1500+
  • Federal Trademark Filing: $1500+
  • Purchase/Sale of a Business: Generally 1%-5% of purchase price.
  • Basic Protection Plan (Will, Healthcare Directive, Power of Attorney): $900/$1600

Rush Rates

For items requiring attention and completion within 24 hours, add $1000 to the above rates. For items requiring completion within 72 hours, add $750 to the above rates.