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Lions, Tigers & Scams OH MY!

Lions, Tigers & Scams OH MY!

As a business owner, you probably receive a LOT of mail—and a pretty big chunk of it is likely junk. We’ve all received “checks” in the mail made out to our business with fine print that says, just kidding, this isn’t a check. Other mail may look official, making a pitch or including an invoice for services you didn’t request but think you need. Our goal as your advisors is to be sure you have all the information you need!

Here is an example.

We filed a trademark for a client. Then we received this piece of mail on their behalf. It doesn’t look too fishy. It correctly references the trademark and it requests $980 to list this information in the “World Trademark Register,” whatever that is.

Trademarks do need to be published for opposition after filing and before registration and that they must be renewed with the United Patent & Trademark Office every few years. Everything about this solicitation has a touch of credibility to it. Some organizations may even pay for and be pleased with this service. But it’s definitely not required, and the fee is likely significantly out of budget for most small and growing businesses.

If you ever have a question about whether or not something you received in the mail is legit, tweet it out to us or send it by email to

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