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The Trademark Six Pack!

The Trademark Six Pack!

Lots of companies need trademark protection, but in certain industries, it’s becoming more and more vital to protect the name of a product well before it becomes a best seller. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the brewing and distilling industry, where names and logos of various brews and blends are quickly added to apps like Untappd, often before owners have decided whether to protect the name via a Federal Trademark.

It’s understandable, as filing trademark after trademark can get costly (we consider our rates quite fair, and they include the $275-$350 filing fee, but $1200 per mark quickly adds up to more than a fledgling brewery or distillery can afford). We realized this problem and today brainstormed a resolution – the DLO Trademark Six-Pack. ™ This package will offer a large discount for every trademark after the first filed by the same business. It won’t be limited to breweries and distilleries, but they were some of the folks we thought of when naming the new package. So how does it work?

Generally, each trademark we file for a client is a flat $1200. However, with the new Trademark Six Pack, provided each mark is for a similar product or offering, the cost of each additional mark will decrease as follows.

Filing #1 – $1200

Filing #2 – $900

Filing #3 – 700

Filing #4 – $600

Filing #5 – $500

Filing #6 – $400

Total for Six TM Filings without the Trademark Six Pack – $7200

Total for Six TM Filings with the Trademark Six Pack – $4300

Total Savings with the Trademark Six Pack – $2900


  1. How do I get this incredible deal? – Just mention the “Trademark Six Pack” when you get in touch with us.
  2. What if I don’t need 6 marks at once? – That’s fine! You’ll receive the discount provided the marks are all for similar products that have the same owner.

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