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Six Reasons Why We Work at CoCo – Downtown

Six Reasons Why We Work at CoCo – Downtown

“Where do you work?” is one of the most frequent questions I encounter. I presume the person is asking which law firm employs me but it’s rarely the answer I provide. “I work for Davis Law Office out of the Downtown CoCo.”

While I have pledged my allegiance to Davis Law Office, I work at the “original” Minneapolis CoCo. The follow up question is almost always, “What is CoCo?” Another great question that can be answered in one-word or many! In short, CoCo is a co-working space. In reality, CoCo is so much more.

Here’s why!

1. Fantastic Space and Location. CoCo’s location, on the old trading floor of the historic Grain Exchange, provides great energy for “getting stuff done.” Seeing others hustle and bustle their way through the urban core provides great motivation to get your work done. The skyway connection (with tunnels) enables us to run errands without frostbite during the winter.

For litigation purposes, CoCo is located across the street from the Federal Courthouse (United States 8th Circuit) and Hennepin County conciliation courts, and within a block of the Hennepin County District Courts (4th judicial district) and the Law Library.

Finally, 50-foot ceilings with giant windows overlooking the Federal Courthouse and Minneapolis City Hall makes the Grain Exchange Trading Floor an inspiring place to work, meet and collaborate.

2. Great Co-Workers. I have found that interesting, unique, qualified and entrepreneurial people tend to become members at CoCo. Most, if not all, are courteous and congenial. Within our campsite (a sort of “space within the space” at CoCo where companies can move in long-term), in particular, we have a great crew.

Ashley Murphy, CFP® of Arete Wealth Strategists is an excellent source for financial information and resources. Ashley has exceptional finance and planning experience, particularly with business owners, and has taught at University of California – Berkeley Extension. More importantly, however, Ashley has dramatically changed my opinion of Aussies – in a good way!

The folks at Financial Navigation Group agree that Australians are great to work with shoulder-to-shoulder. FNG is one of the original members of our campsite, and its leader, Bjorn Zellner, loves CoCo so much he routinely makes the 6 block-commute by car on weekends simply to enjoy CoCo’s majestic space (although he claims to be working on clients’ taxes and accounting, we’re pretty sure he just can’t get enough of the space). Recently, FNG has added 2 new staffers. Emily Zellner and Jenn Schnagl bring enthusiasm, perkiness, humor and much-needed professionalism to the campsite.

3. Beer. On Tuesdays, we drink beer at CoCo! “Beer n’ Chat” is a great way to meet fellow entrepreneurs and CoCo-Nuts™. There have been rumblings to change Tuesdays to “RBV n’ Chat” but, to my knowledge, Red Bull® has not responded to sponsorship requests.

4. Food Trucks. Food trucks have becomes synonymous with summer in downtown Minneapolis. At about 10:00 a.m. daily, the trucks begin arriving and parking along Marquette Avenue, which is only a few blocks away from CoCo. While everyone has their favorite, my current favorite is the Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs Burrito from World Street Kitchen, who has also not yet responded to sponsorship requests despite my loyalty.

5. Collaboration and Connections. Without a doubt, the best part of CoCo is the collaboration that occurs within its walls. Need an IT engineer or marketing professional? They’re at CoCo! Need a graphic designer or a business-continuity consultant? They’re at CoCo too! Whatever your need or want calls for –professional or personal – it is likely you will be able to connect with the expert you seek within CoCo. I’d like to say that CoCo promotes an environment of “Good People Helping Good People,” but I’d rather not associate CoCo with Denny Hecker. Instead, CoCo is an environment where “Smart People Help Smart People.”

6. Coffee. What happens when Joe needs some mo’ Joe? He walks about 3 feet. At CoCo, you can find Davis Law office and the rest of our campsite right by the coffee. We’re so close, the Seahawks Coach, Pete Carroll, wouldn’t think twice about having Marshawn Lynch run to get us a cup.

Have questions about Downtown CoCo or food trucks or when to run the ball in the Super Bowl? I can be reached at or, just stop by CoCo and grab a cup of coffee, you can’t miss us!

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