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Why We’ll Never Have a “Normal” Law Office

Why We’ll Never Have a “Normal” Law Office

Law firms are rarely spoken about in the same sentence with “innovation”, and often for good reason. The nature of the law and how we apply it relies on tradition and precedent. Want to know how a judge might rule on something? Look to how they’ve ruled on a similar matter in the past. But does this mean that law firms can’t ever try anything new or benefit from innovation? We certainly don’t think so. Which is why we don’t just SAY we’re a non-traditional law firm, we demonstrate it, in every decision we make, not the least of which is our choice to open locations in co-working spaces. What’s so great about that? Quite a few things….

  • Collaboration. When seeking out solutions for business issues, it is rare to have something fit squarely in one box. Oh this is JUST an accounting issue, or will ONLY impact marketing is rarely the case. Your company and the areas it works in are intersectional. We get that, and this is why the co-working spaces we call home (CoCo Downtown and, as of today, CoCo Uptown) are known for co-working AND collaboration. It’s right there in the two “co” name. And that allows us to go beyond saying “we should talk to you accountant about the impact this would have tax-wise” and actually get up and go have that conversation. We think that’s pretty great.
  • Flexibility.  We have a permanent space at CoCo, but our lease is only 6 months long, and we can add additional space or memberships at any time. This means that we can stay as agile and lean as we need, but still have the space and ability to bring in specialists when and if our clients need them. We also have a number of private and unique meeting spaces available to us at any CoCo location, so no matter what type of atmosphere you like (unless it’s corporate stuffy or boring) we can likely provide.
  • Resource for clients.  Most of our clients are small or medium sized businesses that are on the way to the next level. Because of that, our clients are often outgrowing a lot of things. Sometimes it’s their space, and they become a fellow coworker for a day, a week or a month. Sometimes it’s one of their current service providers and we can find them a better fit through our CoCo connections. And sometimes they’re looking to make a big move, and need their team to work from somewhere other than the Twin Cities. Our connection to CoCo allows us to offer this service too. Don’t get us wrong, we love CoCo for what it gives us, but the perks it offers to our clients aren’t bad either.

Curious about this amazing little business growth ecosystem? Drop us a line, we’re always happy to have a cup of coffee and chat about CoCo and the amazing way it allows us to work. (Oh, and the coffee’s much better than in any other law firm too!)

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