Philosophy - Davis Law Office

K. Davis Senseman founded Davis Law Office out of a desire to make quality legal representation accessible to all business owners, no matter their size or experience. From that foundation, the firm has grown to include estate planning, litigation, and family law matters, while continuing to provide assistance in all areas to business owners and non-profits.

When forming the firm (and when hiring) it was Davis’ goal to do things differently, to create a law firm where the phrase “that’s the way it’s always been” could not be used as a reason to avoid innovation. She also hoped to create a firm where lawyers could enjoy themselves and actually care about the clients they worked with. ┬áIn adding to the team, Davis found like-minded attorneys dedicated to transparency in pricing and process, who also value being a part of the team of trusted advisors for their clients.

Davis Law Office has tailored our services to address the specific and ever-evolving needs of modern families, individuals and business owners and will continue to find innovative ways to continue our commitment to accessibility.