Philosophy - Davis Law Office

Davis Law Office isn’t your typical law firm. Founded by Davis Senseman out of a desire to make quality legal representation accessible to all, we refuse to accept “that’s the way it’s always been” as an excuse for lack of innovation and equity.

We believe

everyone deserves access to quality legal representation.

Too often, the legal system is made to feel overly complex, expensive, and inaccessible. Through transparency in pricing and process, approachable environments and interactions, and efficient and effective processes, we make quality legal representation possible for anyone.

We Believe

experience is key to empathy.

We’re proud to employ attorneys from myriad backgrounds and experiences. Among us are many identities: LGBTQ community member, immigrant, and adoptee are just a few. We work in and with all these communities and more. Our team has diverse industry and cultural knowledge, and experience with nonprofits, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups, not to mention special expertise in serving tribal governments and people doing business with them.

We’re rooted in the belief that compassion is important but empathy is imperative in order to best represent clients of diverse backgrounds and belief systems—a mindset that informs our business strategy and hiring practices. Intersectionality is a core part of our law practice.

We Believe

equity is key to justice.

We refuse to accept the notion that running a successful firm means our approach must be identical for all clients. We believe in supporting members of marginalized communities in overcoming barriers that often prevent them from attaining quality representation—cultural competency is non-negotiable for anyone on our team, and dignity and equity are cornerstones of our approach.

We Believe

in bringing our whole selves to work. (And that work isn’t necessarily a place.)

We’re parents and partners. Moms, dads, and Babas. Friends and colleagues. Parents of pets and presidents of boards. We believe that when we bring our full selves and our collective experiences to our work, our team thrives and our clients feel more connected.

While we’re headquartered in downtown Minneapolis, we’re not interested in the stark and modern office tower that has become expected of law firms—our clients and our lives are mobile, and so is our work.

If this approach sounds right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch or learn more about our team or services. We look forward to collaborating with you.