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Not Your Average Law Firm

Not Your Average Law Firm

“So why should I work with you?” This is the question every service provider you ever hire should be able to answer. In our office, it’s a question we love, because there are so many things that set us apart from your average law firm and what you think when you hear the word “lawyer.” So what are the reasons a growing business should work with us? We thought you’d never ask….

  1. We Haven’t Always Been Small. Our founder Davis spent over 6 years working in a larger law firm’s corporate department. These early years gave Davis a vital foundation of knowledge that is just as applicable to small and growing businesses as it is to the largest companies in the world. Emily and Joe, our newest attorneys, both have experience in widely varying legal settings, with Joe spending time teaching English in Prague to business executives and Emily working for various District Court judges. All of this combined experience allows the DLO team to tackle any growing business problem from angles that many attorneys may not even realize exist.
  2. But We Are Now.  Our size (currently three attorneys) means that we can make decisions quickly and we don’t waste a lot of time on meetings and other administrative nuisances. We use a number of applications and SaaS (software as a service) solutions so our clients don’t pay for additional staff or repetitious busy work. And if the need arises, we have a team of other attorneys and service providers we can engage with to the exact extent needed…and not a bit more.
  3. We Play Well With Others.  DLO lawyers are coworkers and collaborators (we have to be, we office from CoCo for heaven’s sake!) But what does this really mean? It means that if we need to loop in an accountant to figure out the tax implications, we have one available. And if you need a web designer to help your growing company showcase what’s new, we know a great one of those too. And if you’re OUTgrowing your space, we’ve got an amazing commercial tenant rep just an arm’s length away. If we need to work with any of your other service providers, employees or contractors, we’re always ready. We like collaborating, it’s one of the things we do best.
  4. We Don’t Hide the Ball.  “How much is this going to cost?” That question governs nearly every decision we make, and for good reason, as you can’t (or shouldn’t) buy or do more than your budget allows. So why then do most service providers refuse to give estimates, offer flat fees for some common services, or disclose their rates? We’re not sure, but we don’t. Don’t believe us? Head over to our pricing page and see for yourself! 
  5. We’re Legit and Committed.  Davis Law Office is the only Minnesota law firm certified as an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Business Enterprise. We’re proud of this because it demonstrates some of the values that are important to us and that we are proudly GLBT owned. While we ensure we are equipped to serve the needs of all growing businesses, to us our certification symbolizes our commitment to being aware of the specific needs of emerging GLBT business owners during this time of great national legal change.

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