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Meet the Firm: CoCo

Meet the Firm: CoCo

One of the things that makes our firm unique is that we run a lean, mean legal machine out of a co-working space called CoCo. We love working from CoCo and our clients love it, too. Why, you ask? Here are the top 3 reasons Davis Law Office works from CoCo.

  1. Accessibility. Clients can visit our offices in Downtown, Uptown, and Northeast. We even have meeting space in St. Paul. What’s more, minimizing our overhead and streamlining our processes allows us to offer competitive hourly rates, flat-fees, and other creative solutions to ensure that small business owners and individuals who need quality legal services can afford them.
  2. Community. We meet all sorts of great folks here at CoCo. From developers, to marketing professionals, to accountants and everything in between. These folks help us run our own firm (look for our awesome new re-brand and website, coming soon!). And they help us provide solid referrals to our clients for almost any issue that they face.
  3. Energy. CoCo is more than just a place to grab coffee and plug in your laptop. Creative things happen here every day and the good energy is infectious. Good vibes make for happy attorneys and happy clients.

This post is the first in a series we call “Meet the Firm.” Next up, we’ll introduce you to our Uptown location and the attorney who calls it home. Stay tuned!

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