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DLO is 8 Years Old!

DLO is 8 Years Old!

Last month, DLO turned 8 years old!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 8 years since Davis left the partner track at a large firm to start Davis Law Office. Eight years and more than 800 clients later—our mighty team of five is proud to make quality legal representation accessible to business owners and individuals, no matter their size or experience.

To celebrate, we’ve shared eight fun facts about us below.

  1. Davis and Emily first met after Emily sent an email asking Davis if they could sit down to talk about how the firm worked. And from that she became the first employee of DLO!
  2. Working from COCO for 7 of these 8 years, we’ve met a lot of coders—but did you know Mohamed learns coding languages for fun?
  3. We have more than 800 clients who have trusted us as their legal partners. We’re so grateful for all of them!
  4. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to sponsor some great events and organizations including Hack The Gap, Reclaim!, PFund Foundation, Still Kickin, Pollen, Code2040, Isuroon, just to name just a few!
  5. We have seven kids, six cats, four dogs, and a lizard among the DLO family. Some of them star in our website videos from time to time.
  6. Davis and Sara first talked about how much fun they’d have working together while at Icehouse for a show. And the rest is history!
  7. Emily and Davis teach the business law clinic at Mitchell Hamline School of Law, helping certified student lawyers provide help to business owners with real legal needs.
  8. Prior to working at DLO, members of the team held roles such as grocer, reporter/photographer, camp counselor, Spanish translator/interpreter, horseback trail ride leader, and working with the president of the ACLU.

Here’s to another 8 years!

As we reflect on the past and look to the future, we want to thank you for being a partner, colleague, peer and friend. Working with the amazing partners that we have is what makes the work we do so satisfying—we’re doing it for companies, organizations, and people that we truly believe in—helping them move their missions and goals forward. Cheers!

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